Depth : 28m

The Oceana was listed as number 65 of the Diver magazine top 100 UK wrecks. The 6610-ton P&O Liner was built in 1888 in Belfast, her size was 468ft x 52ft , with 7000hp triple expansion engines. She carried a General cargo plus 747,110 worth of gold and silver ingots and 40 P&O passengers and 210 crew. Departing from London to Bombay she was sunk on the 16th March 1912, when the 2850-ton German four masted steel sailing barque Pisagua rammed into the side of her, creating a 40ft gash in her side. She managed to stay afloat for 6 hours. During this time , the crew and passengers managed to take to the lifeboats. One of the lifeboats unfortunately capsized while being launched and caused the loss of nine lives , the remaining survivors were later rescued by a harbour vessel , which was quick to respond to the tradgedy and possibly saved many more lives. The Pisagna herself was towed into Dover. A vast amount of silver ingots and gold coins was present at the time of sinking. The ship was salvaged, but all except a few ingots were recovered in the immediate diving salvage. The boilers stand 6m high amid a tangle of wreckage. Sand covers and uncovers some sections. One more silver ingot was reported to be recovered by a sport diver in 1996.